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This program gives you access to new media buyers working in short-form, digital, ad-supported production who don’t currently purchase from us. Companies licensing media under this program will do so on a subscription or  large-commitment basis.

Limited Use

Clips licensed under this program will be restricted to the specified digital/ad-supported media project. Use of the clips outside this project will be licensed at the standard list price.


50% of the revenue we generate in this program will be allocated to Artists. The more your content is licensed in this program, the more you’ll earn.

What is the Limited Licensing Program?
The Limited Licensing Program (LLP) will generate incremental revenue for our Artists by targeting companies that produce short-form, ad-supported, social media or other digital-only content on very fast production cycles with budgets that are not conducive to price-per-clip models. These companies crave content, but need a product that works for them. The Limited License Program will allow them access to select aspects of the Pond5 library under highly restricted terms at a lower price point. These licensing limitations will enable us to serve this buyer segment — adding additional sales opportunities for our Artists, while preserving the value of your full price content in the Pond5 marketplace. 

Who needs this program and why?

The Limited Licensing Program will be targeted to companies producing high volume digitally-native video content. Such customers include publishers producing digital content designed for social media, short form digital and/or ad supported digital models. Their content is created daily and is consumed entirely on the web or via mobile devices. These customers require access to large amounts of video for their productions and represent the fastest growing segment of the video market. We are very excited to connect this new group of high value customers to the Pond5 community of world class filmmakers.

Why can’t they purchase in the regular Marketplace?

These digital media creators operate under high churn production cycles, producing large amounts of digital content on low margins. Consequently their budgets are not conducive to our marketplace pay per clip model. As an example, creators in this segments may produce content that is only seen for 24 hours, or they may create 15 shorts per week, with each short being targeted to a very small audience.

These digital media creators rarely shoot original content, and tend to leverage pre-existing content, stills or go to marketplaces that are willing to under-price content without regard for protecting the value of content in the form of narrow licensing rights. We believe therein lies a tremendous opportunity to provide this new market with access to a broad library of professional quality video at flat prices while protecting the value of the core marketplace content through a highly restrictive license and other sensible content restrictions.

How will Pond5 protect the value of my creative works? How is this different from other programs I’ve seen in the market?

We are incredibly sensitive to maximizing the value our Artists generate on Pond5. The Limited Licensing Program is designed to be additive to our Artists and has been designed from the ground up with the operating principles outlined below. We are not aware of any other program in the market that enables Artists to capitalize on this new market while protecting the value of their creative works.

Selective Targeting: The Pond5 LLP will be targeted and sold directly to vetted digital publishers and other web-only, ad-supported, high-commitment buyers who are not currently purchasing from us. This license will not be marketed or available through the website.

Significant Usage Restrictions: Pond5 LLP deals will be built around a heavily restricted license model including limits such as web-only and single use, short duration, small budget or audience size. There is no broadcast usage permitted under this license. This ensures that it serves only the market that is intended.

50/50 Artist Payout: As always, every dollar we earn is split 50/50 with the participating Artists. Our interests are 100% aligned with our Artists in all programs including this one.

Optional Program: We think we’ve found an important segment in a rapidly growing market and we are excited to bring this opportunity to you. As we have with other programs like the optional Global Partner Program, we are confident we can equally balance enabling your content to be leveraged by a new market we are not serving, while preserving the value of your creative works for our traditional business. Ultimately, if you don’t feel comfortable participating, you can elect to opt out at any time. Opting in or out of the program will have no impact on your marketplace standing or any other sales opportunities on Pond5.

GPP, LLP and Marketplace - how does it all fit together?

Pond5 has developed different optional programs to serve every segment of the media buying market.

Marketplace: Our core business. Set your own price and make 50%. Marketplace sales grew this year by double-digit percentages, and we paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars this year under our new extended license program.

Global Partner Program (GPP): Explore the high-end of the market in different geographies not easily accessible through the core marketplace.

Limited Licensing Program (LLP): Take advantage of the fastest growing segment of the digital media buying market. Make incremental revenue every month by licensing your content to high volume digital publishers under highly restrictive license terms. Sales under this program will be custom negotiated by our Direct Sales organization.

What is Limited Use?

All content licensed in this program will be governed by special contract terms which limit its use. Below are a few examples:

• Restricted Content Pool

A small collection of content around a specific category at a flat price.

• Digital Only

Content may only be used in web or mobile applications in ad-supported models.

• Single Use

Content may only be used in a single production. If a customer wants to use a clip again, they must re-purchase the license.

Who will be using this product?
The LLP will be targeted and directly sold to companies working in the digital space. These companies produce a high volume of videos and, while they need content, cannot justify a full-price, royalty-free license on every clip they purchase. The program aims to add incremental sales to your portfolio by offering a tailored product to these buyers.

How will Artists be compensated?
Revenue from this program will be divided 50/50 with Artists based on the content downloaded by our customers.

Will this affect my regular marketplace sales?
No. The buyers we are targeting are not currently using the Pond5 marketplace, so this should be a purely incremental opportunity. We are very conscious of protecting your regular, full-price marketplace sales. Royalty-free licensing in the marketplace is our core business and our interests are completely aligned in ensuring it stays that way. Restrictive use terms in these large-commitment contracts will protect against improper usage of your content. 

Will my content in the program be viewable on the Pond5 site at a lower price?
Absolutely not. The marketplace price will remain the only promoted price on Pond5.

How do I participate?

All Pond5 Artists are automatically enrolled in the program, as outlined in our Contributor Agreement.

Can I opt out?
Yes. All of Pond5’s incremental revenue programs are fully optional. You can opt out of the program on your Preferences Page by un-checking the Limited Licensing Program checkbox.

What about the existing Pond5 Membership?
Our Membership Program will sit alongside these new opportunities and continue to serve its segment of the Pond5 buying community. Opting in to LLP also makes your content eligible for inclusion in Membership. We will notify you if and when your content is selected as part of an expansion of the Membership Program.

Frequently Asked Questions